A black and white photo of an officer in uniform.

Lt. Col. Sidney “Sid” Cleveland

Born in Goldfield, Iowa in 1902, Sidney saw his first airplane when he was nine years old and was learning to fly before he graduated from high school. His life’s work centered around aviation. Until he was 36 years old, he was a barnstormer, stunt pilot, aerial performer, commercial pilot, flight instructor, test pilot and airport operator throughout Iowa. After leaving Iowa, he managed an airport in Missouri and then continued his aviation career in the military. He retired from the Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel.

He combined his flying skills with daring and formed a flying circus in 1927. He was a test and demonstration pilot for the Saul Triad which was built in Carroll, Iowa. He flew a commercial line for Century Air Lines (American), held several command positions during WWII and after the War became Operations Officer for the Atlantic Division of the Air Transport Command.

Sidney died in 1985.

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